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On Religion (Apr. 2016)

Heavy Metal has long been called the devil's music. It has a long history of being rebellious and counter-culture, for the most part. As a result, one might expect most of its followers to reject organized religion. Despite the common stereotypical metalheads that live only for getting wasted and consuming as much alcohol as they can, the realm of Metal is also filled with a fair amount of intelligent people. On that basis, it would seem only natural that atheism would be prevalent, as none but the simple-minded could possibly accept the ridiculous doctrines of Judeo-Christian belief, for example. Nonetheless, as strange as it is, there are more religious believers among us than we may like to believe. 

This comes from both sides, unfortunately. There are those that have never been awakened from this Jewish lie, and truly believe in everything that they have read in the bible. Or, more accurately, they believe what they have heard from others about what is written in the bible, as most so-called Christians are too lazy to read for themselves or to practice what they preach, so to say. On the other hand, there are the Satanists that also believe in the Great Lie, even though they reject the word of the Jewish god and the teachings of Christ. They have taken an oppositional stance, yet they take for granted that this is all real, just the same. Both groups have been tricked into accepting the existence of something that is purely fictional and has no basis in reality. 

Like many others, I went through various stages on my journey toward enlightenment. My family was not particularly religious, but some members were of the church-going type and had brainwashed some of the others with the same lie that had been passed down to them. As a small child, I was told about their god and simply took it for granted as I had also done when I first learned of Santa Claus, for example. I was taken to church only a handful of times, throughout childhood, and most of these occasions were for funerals. Thankfully, there was no real effort to force this upon me. My first questions regarding religion came at a relatively early age, probably a couple years after I figured out the scam behind Santa. I was given an illustrated children's bible and I read through it like any other book. However, it raised so many questions. The creation story, itself, was filled with so many holes that even a six-year-old could see through it. My skepticism grew as I took an interest in mythology and saw that this Judeo-Christian garbage was but one of many stories, and far less interesting than the Greek/Roman and Germanic/Norse stories. With each question that I asked, I was given lame, meaningless answers, such as “because the bible says so”. Despite the suspicions that were raised, it was no great concern of mine, so I tossed the book aside and carried on as usual. Not long after, I had to spend some time at a Catholic after-school daycare, and already found the atrocious christian songs that the other kids would sing to be ridiculous and refused to participate. 

It was only during adolescence that I began looking deeper into the matter. Having experienced many misfortunes in life, already, and seeing a world around me that was utterly disappointing, I again questioned the god that they tried to pass on to me. The whole “because the bible says so” argument did not satisfy my inquiries. I only asked more questions, such as, “but who wrote the bible?”. It was written by the hands of men. I had already learned not to trust humans, and I wondered who these men were and what motivations they had for writing what they did. It is no wonder why critical thinking is not encouraged by the members of this feeble cult. There were so many contradictions in this book that it seemed pieced together from a large mountain of gibberish. Instinctively, I rejected this book and the lies that it contained. There was then a brief time where I, like a lot of people, gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed that there had been some guy named Jesus, though at the time my belief became that he must have been just some random mortal man that had claimed to be the "messiah", as many others had, and was not of divine origin. As for their Hebrew god of war, himself, I quickly came to hate him. All of my personal suffering and the horrible world in which I lived in, I concluded, must have come from this being. Therefore, he became my enemy for a while. 

It was most likely during this period that such albums as Slayer's Hell Awaits, Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness, and Deicide's self-titled debut possessed a special meaning for me. I was never one to consider myself a Satanist, despite what those in school called me. I saw Satan as a symbolic opposition to the great lie of Judeo-Christian mythology. As such, even now I continue to identify more with lyrics such as these:

"Attacking angels as they pray to god
Tormented preachers, hail the twisted cross
Haunting the chapel, hell's demons prevail
Death has come, the house of god has failed"

and these: 

"Ghouls attack the church
Crush the holy priest
Turning the cross towards hell
Writhe in Satan's flames"

as well as these:

"When Jehova's hordes are slaughtered
When disciples twelve are dead
When beliefs of eastern lands
are raped and raped again"

Of course, some will look at these old school lyrics and call them immature or simplistic, but I do not see any value in this newer sort of lyrical approach. For example:

"Art thou working on collective deliverance?
Observe Merkabah, the chariot of the glory of GOD, 
adrift and exiled, the Pilgrim of Light, grandiose and weeping.
Thine aura, compared, is but pale and frail, alike to the one of an ailing child..."

These sort of lyrics do nothing for me, and this trend of Black Metallers spending so much time studying scripture really puzzles me. I hate this disgusting cult very passionately, far too much to waste my time immersing myself in their idiotic mythology and basing my beliefs and spirituality on this nonsense. As a historian, I know too well where the lame and pathetic stories came from, such as the invention of the Christ lie itself. It is immensely stupid for anyone to believe that this filth is real and to put any credibility into it, just so they can join the 'other team' in the story. Satanic imagery and concepts are great in as far as they are against Judeo-Christian nonsense, but that is as far as it goes. 

I arrived at these conclusions a very long time ago. The Jewish god was but one of many, surviving to the present day by chance and through a great deal of manipulation by the world elite, over the centuries. It was rather simple to understand how this cult designed for the masses was easily accepted by those with no hope in this world anyway. The fact that political leaders, from Constantine to Charlemagne all the way to George W. Bush have used this false religion as a way to unify people and to make them more easy to manage is no surprise. I was familiar with many different ancient mythologies and the whole basis of religion being a way for people to try explaining that which they did not understand, while also giving meaning to their lives and hope for a better afterlife. The need for this sort of weak-minded optimism was not difficult to grasp. 

The thing that I still find a bit disturbing is how so many non-believers still, passively, lend credence to this poisonous tale. While the reject the church itself, they'll still speak of the despicable Christ-god as if he existed in some form or another. Even discussions about the ethnicity of this character--how he was transformed from a dark-skinned Semite into a fair-haired, blue eyed European--miss the point, completely. This attitude still assumes that there is any legitimacy to this foolishness. It ignores the fact that he is just another element of their fiction, used to perpetuate the Great Lie, nothing more than a mythical being as well. He was not merely a Jewish con-artist; he never existed at all. 

There is absolutely no historical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ. Those secular writers who were in the right area, at the time he supposedly lived, had not one single word to say about him. This fictional character was created by men, borrowing story elements from other preexisting tales and attributing quotes to him as it suited their needs. The fact is that Jesus is an amalgamation of many other mythological figures, such as Mithra, Dionysus, Osiris etc., and the story evolved as the centuries went on. It is quite telling that 1st century Christian writings do not make any mention of a human Jesus at all. The great Christ Lie is one of the biggest scams perpetrated in the history of mankind. It is commonly accepted that the Roman Catholic Church is, and has long been, corrupt. Like any other members of the world elite, they do whatever necessary to maintain their power, wealth and influence. Yet people cannot see the forest for the trees, in this instance; it is not that the Church has gone against the supposed 'teachings of Christ', but rather they are the ones that fabricated this character in the first place. This fiction has been self-serving from the very beginning and has changed throughout the centuries, as needed. The characters, the mythology, the philosophy... everything about this pathetic cult has either been stolen or made-up, entirely. 

This Middle-Eastern garbage has never, and will never, have anything to do with those of us with European blood. Judeo-Christian fiction has no place in our civilization, including the Satanic aspect that is derived from it. Dedicating your existence to studying and believing in Jewish occultism of any sort is a waste of time and energy. Ideally, this would become clear to all and such childish beliefs would be put aside forever. But, at the very least, those within the Black Metal community should wise up, stop writing inverted bible verses for lyrics and no longer treat this as some sort of factual thing. There is no Yahweh, there is no Jesus, there is no Satan. There never was and there never will be. There is nothing. 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On the Glorification of the Dead (Mar. 2016)

It is often the case that, once someone is deceased, they are put upon a pedestal that is far higher than they ever deserved in life, especially if they died under some sort of tragic circumstances. Suddenly, they were the “greatest” this or the “best” that. At times, all of this posthumous praise ends up amassing a larger following for the person than when they were alive and active. People such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Sid Vicious all became pop culture icons as a result of overdosing on drugs and dying quite young. In a sense, they have become timeless and immortal. As well, one doesn't have to look very hard, even two decades after his death, to see Kurt Cobain's face continue to appear regularly in the media. Of course, this is not something limited only to music; figures such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, James Dean and Marylin Monroe have all been somewhat deified since passing on. There is this strange tendency to over-glorify the dead, no matter how mediocre they might have been. That is not to say that they deserve no praise whatsoever, but it is clearly a case of their virtues being exaggerated after death. Unfortunately, the same mentality exists within the world of Metal as well. 

A somewhat recent example of this is Dimebag Darrell, of Pantera fame. While he may have been a nice guy and a capable guitarist for the style of music that he played, he certainly was not the “greatest Metal guitarist of all time” as fans and media alike would have you believe. Whatever he might have been capable of, the recordings made during his lifetime give no evidence of him being any better than hundreds of other guitarists. In fact, his legend is mostly based on the latter Pantera albums that, arguably, display even less skill than the likes of I am the Night or Power Metal. His most famous records are filled with simplistic groove riffs. Simply put, he happened to be part of a popular band and later died a tragic death, thus he has been worshiped ever since. 

Cliff Burton is another guy that has somehow become idolized much more after death than he would have been, otherwise. From 1982 until dying in an auto accident in 1986, he was the bassist for Metallica. During this short span, he was a part of their first three studio albums and an integral part of the band as they toured and built up their following. There is no doubt that he was talented and would not deserve to be forgotten. But again, there is a difference between being respected and a person being raised up to godlike status. Ever since Metallica sold out with the Black Album, and then committed the atrocities known as Load and Reload, fans have sworn up and down that “if only Cliff had lived, they would still be true Metal”, etc. The truth seems to be the reverse, that he was probably the least Metal member of the band and was the one bringing in so many outside influences and likely resulted in the weak, fluff parts of Master of Puppets, for example. Members of the band have even stated in interviews that, had Cliff still been around, the band would have likely released something like Load much earlier than they did. Furthermore, bass is the least important element in Metal and should only ever play a supporting role. Even the “greatest bass player to ever live” is easily replaceable, as evidenced by the fact that Metallica is currently on bassist #4. Burton was good at what he did, surely, but the only reason he's become some sort of 'legend of metal' is because he died young. 

Someone else worth mentioning in this context would have to be Chuck Schuldiner. For me, Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy are absolute classics of Death Metal and epitomize the genre, perfectly. For these records, as well as the various demos beforehand, Chuck deserves credit and respect. As the band progressed, the music was increasingly watered-down and it was clear that he wanted to be doing something else. One of the things regarding his relatively early death was that all of his shortcomings have been washed away. That's yet another symptom of this glorification of the dead, their virtues are extolled beyond all compare and their faults are seemingly forgotten. Regarding “Evil Chuck”, the guy certainly wimped out over time, not just musically, but in interviews. He was one of many musicians that felt the need to make excuses for the lyrical content and aesthetics of his albums, when the proper reply would have been to tell them to fuck off. The streamlining of the Death logo went along with his softening attitude, losing the reaper and inverted cross and dripping blood as the music itself lost any and all testicular fortitude. There's an interview with Pestilence from 1990 (available on youtube), in which they discuss a gig with Death, where Schuldiner stopped playing and left the stage after just a couple songs because the crowd was too wild for him. As Martin van Drunen said, “why is such a person playing this kind of music?” Then there is the matter of the European tour where he backed out at the last minute, leaving the other members to have to go without him in order to fulfill financial obligations. There are stories of him canceling shows without explanation, treating the crew poorly and having a bad attitude that caused members to often leave as quickly as they joined. There are two sides to every story, and none of this is said to demonize the man at all, but the point is that no one is perfect. Dying at a young age does not absolve someone of their flaws and is no reason to treat them as a god. 

Even worse is when the deceased are worthy of praise and are then treated like 'cult objects' and fetishized by those that oftentimes don't appreciate them for the right reasons at all. The legendary Mayhem vocalist, Dead, is an example of this. Unlike some of the others mentioned here, he is rarely overpraised for his musical contributions. His voice, lyrics, aesthetics and live performances have often taken a back seat to his depressive nature. In this case, the dark lyrics, cutting on stage and suicide are all combined to create some tragic figure for “depressed” teens to identify with. While living in Sweden, I knew a girl that spoke as if she had actually known him. She would talk of him and say how she missed him and how it was sad that he had passed away. Nevermind the fact that she was an infant at the time of his death, as well as only being aware of his existence for about five years. Girls like this (and it's always girls, as far as I've seen) like to fantasize that if he was alive (and presumably still 22 years old) that they would be the best of friends, just because they imagine themselves to be suffering from depression as well. For a lot of people, their idea of depression is really just boredom or dissatisfaction. Being “depressed” has become a trend for many, when a good deal of them have no true concept of real suffering. So, many of these girls (as well as a few that are genuinely ill) have this idealized view of someone they know very little about, developing personal feelings based on the mythology of this character, along with the scraps of real information that are available. Euronymous, himself, began the process of turning Dead into a cult object, from the moment that he found the corpse. Everything from taking photos of the body to collecting skull fragments to send to others, then on to the outrageous claims made in interviews afterward:

“As for Dead, he hated this planet and all living creatures on it, the only thing which kept him here was his love for the ancient death/black metal lifestyle with face paint, spikes, leather, black clothes, Satanism and brutality. Today when all the so-called 'death' metal bands are wearing white clothes, jogging suits, basketball shoes, bermuda shorts, and have society lyrics (SPIT!), he thought that everything he lived for was destroyed and saw no longer any reason to live. The trend people killed him and we have declared WAR.”

The difference here is that Euronymous was mythologizing the persona of Dead, not the Swedish kid Pelle Ohlin. Of course, it's likely untrue that the reasons Euronymous cited had anything to do with his suicide. While using a bandmate's death to promote your music is certainly questionable, at least he actually knew him for some years and it was still done in a somewhat 'professional' manner; i.e. related to the band, in general. Dead was neither the first nor the last to be glorified after death, but the way these girls go about it is something else entirely. It is almost as if they've made an imaginary friend for themselves, the way they project their thoughts and feelings onto their idealized version of who Pelle was, having nothing at all to do with his music. In fact, they are frequently more interested in childhood photographs of him, or those in which he looked normal and without corpsepaint. All of this because he was a depressed Metal guy that killed himself, and they think that they're kindred spirits because they listen to some modern poser bands and like to pretend to be depressed. They would rather blog online about the inner workings of his brain, rather than to listen to Mayhem's Out from the Dark rehearsal. If he was alive today, most of them wouldn't care and wouldn't fantasize about him any more than any other old musicians from those days. At least, I haven't seen this sort of obsessive behaviour directed toward LG Petrov or Nocturno Culto, for example. It's only because he killed himself, in such dramatic fashion, that people care and think they knew him. 

There have been plenty of times when a person's “genius” went unnoticed until after their death. It's a strange thing about people, that they really don't care all that much for you until it's too late to matter. Nevertheless, death is not reason enough for a mediocre person to suddenly become great, or for a really good person to become a superhero. There is definitely nothing wrong with remembering those who have died and honouring their work, whether they were musicians, painters, writers, scientists, philosophers, etc. However, dying at an early age does not automatically make that person the “greatest ____ to ever exist”. Idolizing humans, dead or alive, is usually not a good thing.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

On the Invasion of Europe (Sept. 2015)

That which the old Ottoman Empire failed to fully accomplish, over the course of several centuries, is currently being carried out in a successful manner by much less-sophisticated savages. Forget the the Battle of Tours (October 732) or the Battle of Vienna (September 1683), great victories that were in defense of Europe against the invading Muslim hordes. In this age of white guilt and Jewish propaganda from the mainstream media, the gates of Europe have been thrown wide open and hundreds of thousands of outlanders are flooding the continent. These feral beasts are leaving a path of destruction across the land that our forebears fought and bled and died for and, if something does not change, the demise of the West is imminent. 

Some will say that "we" created the current problem, yet that is both erroneous and an over-simplification. The media is painting this picture of poor refugees fleeing from war-torn Libya and Syria, in fear for their lives. They say that it is the responsibility of Western nations to do the humanitarian thing and to rescue these people. If not, it is tantamount to genocide (when, in actuality, the real genocide is the one being perpetrated against our own people). Nearly everything about this story is being grossly misrepresented. Most of the “refugees” are men in their 20s. The press takes a few money-shots of the minority of women and kids to sew a human-interest story full of disingenuous pathos. They continuously bombard us with images of dead children, tugging at the heartstrings of the brainwashed masses. Any doubts regarding these policies are labeled as xenophobic and selfish. After all, it was through our meddling in these regions that created the instability in the first place, so they say that it is only right that we now do our part in helping the "poor victims". 

First, the majority of the invaders are not from Libya or Syria, nor are they poverty-stricken. For example, it has been reported that 90% of those arriving to Serbia from Macedonia claim to be Syrian, but have no documentation to prove this. Large amounts of discarded IDs are being found, from as far away as Pakistan and Bangladesh, as these invaders rightly believr that it is easier to gain access to Europe as a refugee of war, rather than as as economic migrant. A great number of them are traveling thousands of miles across Africa, from such countries as Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mali. These sub-Saharan Africans are nowhere near the warzones, but they are taking advantage of the big giant welcome mat that has been laid at the door to Europe. They are paying smugglers to get them across the Mediterranean and into international waters, with a clever scheme set up to be "rescued" and brought ashore by the coast guard. They are coming to abuse the already-struggling social welfare programs of white countries. 

In fact, their sense of entitlement is really something to behold. As someone who is disabled and homeless, it took me a few years to even consider asking for help from my own government, and yet these parasites are kicking the doors in and holding their hands out and then going so far as to complain and demand more. These supposed "refugees" are not content to reach countries where there is no war. They have stopped fleeing a warzone as soon as they have reached Turkey... or Greece... or Serbia... Most of them are traveling through numerous safe countries to get to Germany, Sweden, Britain, etc. It’s clear that they are economic opportunists, and not all peaceful either. A cook in Italy was stabbed by a bunch of them for not cooking the food they wanted. In Hungary, policemen were stabbed as well by “refugees” and a family driving through Calais back to Britain had a metal rod launched at their car. Then of course, a bunch of them were rioting in the refugee centers regarding their primitive religion in Debrecen, Hungary and again in Germany. Again, true refugees would be happy to escape danger and to arrive in a safe environment. Instead, they are violently demanding to be allowed to travel north to those places that are more likely to shower them with cash and other benefits. They know all about the free handouts in Northern Europe and they are invading in an effort to abuse the system! In Norway, once being granted asylum, they will get residence permits that are good for at least three years and accommodations will be paid by the state for up to five years(!). In Sweden, they are given free housing ahead of actual citizens in need and those that participate in the integration plan (which is a joke in itself) will receive 720 euros a month, even more if they have children. While European citizens suffer homelessness and hunger, well-fed invaders are being welcomed in and given places to live, money, healthcare and even food (that in many cases has been found discarded, as the invaders preferred a different type of free meal). 

To speak of 'integration' is quite a misleading topic, as none of these people have any interest, desire or intentions of integrating into Western societies. They bring their culture with them and want nothing to do with ours. In fact, many openly predict a day when they become the majority and inflict their laws upon Europeans in Europe! The media goes on about diversity and tolerance, and yet the parasites are actually very intolerant to the culture of their new hosts. Already, in an echo of Unni Wikan's message to Norwegian women that they must take responsibility for being raped, simply for "provoking" the poor savages by not being covered head to toe, a school in Germany has reportedly instructed female students to dress more conservatively in order to prevent "misunderstandings" with nearby asylum seekers. In other words, they know that these beasts are likely to rape or kill their girls, but they are putting the responsibility on the potential victims as opposed to putting forth the effort to protect them. As Peter Hitchens wrote, "Mass immigration means we adapt to them, when they should be adapting to us". Rather than come to European/white countries, it would be better for the 'refugees' to seek shelter in nearby, wealthy Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, etc. However, instead of taking in their own people, the Muslim leaders prefer to fund new mosques within Europe, to help strengthen the invaders. Furthermore, ISIS has clearly stated that they would exploit this crisis to infiltrate Europe, and still hundreds of thousands of people are pouring in, unchecked, and no one is doing anything about it. There is no logic to the official narrative being pushed by the mainstream media and liberal politicians. 

Middle-Earth is under attack and these foul Orcs are using every advantage at their disposal, exploiting our the weakness and corruption of our rulers. These useless creatures are here to suck Europe dry and abuse the naive and foolish altruism of your typical braindead European. The governments of Europe as well as the idiots running Brussels have failed in their duty to prevent this invasion from taking place and they have only aided in its exacerbation. These people bring crime, disease, and ignorance with them and their continuously growing numbers risks to further destabilize Europe. No one seems to care, except to criticize those such as Kristiina Ojuland, in Estonia, who was quickly deemed a racist for pointing out how the white race and Europe were in danger. There is a lot of talk about racial equality but apparently white and native-European interests don’t matter to the elites. That was clear from the Rottherham scandal when authorities in Britain were more concerned with covering up the rape and abuse of 1,400 (mostly white) girls (and a few boys) for around 16 years by mostly Pakistani men. If you’re white/European and you care about your own kind, you’re instantly a racist and a bigot. Whites are not even allowed to organize for their collective interests and express concerns over their own preservation (but remember, all races are equal apparently).

This victory is, in a large part, due to the traitors that control most of the governments of Europe and in Brussels. The traitor Merkel wants to import 800,000 useless people into Germany this year alone, a country that has one of the lowest birthrates on the planet. This amounts to population replacement, racial replacement, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of the German people. Now she is also attacking her own kind for opposing their own destruction. Of course, your average West German has had guilt-propaganda spewed at them for many decades so that they hate themselves. In which case, it’s no wonder that the only opposition you see is from the prouder Germans of the East. Sad to say, the theme of Germany's weakness and brainwashing is once again central to the erosion of Europe. The Nazi ghost still hangs over many whites, as the Third Reich has been vilified and demonized in every possible manner in the seventy years since WWII. Anything even remotely associated with putting your nation and your people first is considered evil and hateful. Yet, countries like Germany and Sweden are so anti-racist that they have become racist toward their own kind. In other places, such as the UK, they are guilt-tripped by their imperial past. This self-loathing mentality is the product of several decades of brainwashing and indoctrination. Some, such as Dr. Tom Vickers of Northumbria University and Cecilia Wikström of Sweden's Liberal Party, are pushing for legal means for people to invade Europe and to have equal rights as citizens and thus giving them rights to alter the political landscape of Europe as we know it in their favor. They are calling for the death of Europe. As many have been slowly waking up to the failure of multiculturalism, it is no surprise that Left-Wing political parties are fully supporting the influx of invaders. Once naturalized, they and their offspring will likely support more big government, being completely dependent upon it for their survival. These immigrants are future socialist voters. (If you can’t win an election or are having a hard time getting the required majority that you need in parliament, just import a new electorate.) This invasion which European governments have failed to quell is only hastening the decline and permanent transformation of Europe as we know it. The big corporations are firmly on board, as they will also benefit from this in the form of a fresh supply of cheap labour that will also help drive down everyone else's wages. Birthrates throughout the continent are extremely low while meanwhile those of immigrant and minority groups are significantly higher. In fact, what many politicians have been claiming is that migrant workers are needed to maintain their economies, in the face of dwindling birthrates. The truth is the opposite, that this invasion will further wreck European economies and lead to the replacement of the current population. The leaders of Europe are committing cultural and demographic suicide. This has nothing to do with helping refugees and has everything to do with eliminating the ongoing genocide against the white/European race. 

This is an invasion and the militaries of Europe have a duty to their citizens to defend their homelands! Gunships should patrol the coastal waters and open fire on any unauthorized vessels that refuse to turn back. Armies should march on these hordes of violent savages, who have already been destroying property and committing crimes such as assault and rape. The politicians do not care about the common people that are suffering from their decisions. The citizens are not being consulted about whether or not they want to share their homes with yet more violent outlanders. Already, prior to the current crisis, Sweden gained the grim honour of becoming known as the Rape Capital of the West. How many more girls must be raped and killed? How many more shall have to suffer the loss of their freedom and safety? If this is allowed to continue, not only will our people suffer from more acts of violence and a loss of their culture and identity, the economic strain will only hasten the impending collapse and drag us down into the primitive savagery of Africa, if we have not been killed off by then. Leaders such as Merkel are but mere puppets, their strings being pulled by the corporations and banks that own them, who have no loyalty to their blood or soil, they merely seek wealth and power. And, of course, at the head of it all rests a "Chosen People" that run everything from the shadows and have been openly calling for the death of all ethnic Europeans. 

Wake up. Traitors have opened the gates of Middle-Earth to the savage Orcs. They are invading our homelands. The Nazgul that rule our nations serve only one Master, and this “Chosen” need not be named directly. They work for the destruction of our kind. Revolt. Defend yourselves. Open your eyes to what is happening right now. Throw off the shackles of political correctness and grow a backbone. Reject the guilt-propaganda that says we must hand over everything to these people or to be labeled as racist neo-Nazis. Their primary weapons are mere words and once you stop caring about what they call you and insist on spreading the truth and adhering to a sense of justice, it will spread. Eventually, their mind-control will fade. The truth is that multiculturalism and diversity are euphemisms for less white people and population replacement. Refuse to accept the lies being forced upon you, educate yourself and fight to preserve what is left of your heritage. As Adolf Hitler once said, "If, by the instrument of governmental power, a race is being led toward its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people—it is his duty". The traitors must be removed from power and the people must take things into their own hands and to repel this invasion. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

On European Genocide (Mar. 2015)

Many have been convinced that it is somehow racist to have concern for your race and your culture and to want to preserve these things. Europeans have created the art, literature, architecture, technology and ideals that much of the world has come to value. Whether or not others see any value in our culture, we still have the right to exist as a distinct people, just as much as anyone else does. A lot has been discussed about the birthrates of European countries being below replacement level. This in itself is not a problem. I am not one of those that advocates that every white/European couple to have as many children as possible. In general, there is an overpopulation problem and the current number of 7 billion + is far too much. So a dwindling population in Europe would not be such a bad thing. The problem arises when an alien population is allowed to infiltrate our lands and to be given the same rights as real Europeans, and when they outproduce the native inhabitants, we end up being displaced in our own homelands. The thing is not to try to keep pace with them and pump out as many children as possible, but to enforce border security and to keep them out, to take the ones that have already infested Europe and to uproot and expel them, sending them back to where they belong. Unfortunately, the governments of white/European nations are not interested in the security and well-being of their own people. Rather, they have been pursuing policies that conflict with the interests of Europeans and are leading to our downfall. The question has to be asked then, who is pulling the strings from behind the curtain? What group of people happen to be directing things in this manner, ensuring that Europeans are erased from the face of the earth? Who benefits from destroying everything that we hold dear and dispossessing us of our lands and eradicating our culture? 

Most of us already know who it is that stands to benefit the most from our race embracing a defeatist outlook. One thing that makes me question my own thoughts of nihilism and atheism is the fact that so many of the best-known authors seem to be Jews. Indeed, they appear often to be at the center of this worldwide mass depression that is eating away at the soul of all ethnic Europeans. Even my attempts to study the occult in years past led me to the realization that so many of the writers were Jews, seeking to further poison the minds of Europeans and to drag them farther away from their ancestral practices. The disease known as Christianity also sprang from this corrupt Jewish seed, so it would seem that so much darkness and filth has been spawned in the Middle East... Truly, this hellish region is the source of many of the problems affecting our people, on every possible level. Even the corrupt system of capitalism is nothing more than an extension of Jewish usury, enslaving the masses of the world. The strange thing is that those who wish to see us extinct are not quiet about their intentions, and yet our leaders do nothing but allow it to continue. 

"We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews." 

-Count Kalergi-Coudenhove, 1925

In order to see a grim example of their diabolical handiwork, one need look no farther than Sweden. Judeo-liberal policies have turned this once-great kingdom into the rape capital of the western world. Oftentimes, the media will try to cover up the perpetrators by mislabeling them as "Swedes". Whether or not they possess citizenship, they are not and never will be Swedes (or European at all!), nor do they want to be. Muslims make no secret about the fact that they believe that their imaginary god is granting them a wonderful victory: to take over all of Europe without firing a single shot. Throughout history, Muslims have tried to conquer Europe and yet they failed. While Spain and large parts of the Balkans were under Saracen control, they were unable to make their way deep into the heart of Europe and were eventually expelled (with the exception of Eastern Thrace). However, the current open-door policy for these "poor refugees" will enable them to complete the task begun centuries ago, within a couple more generations. This forced Third World immigration allows outlanders to bleed us dry via the welfare systems originally set up to help our own people but now just instruments for parasites to leech off of us indefinitely. Sadly, Swedes have been very successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated since birth and often are completely blind to the ongoing destruction of their homeland. As it stands now, it is very taboo to even bring the subject up, as one is not allowed to criticize other cultures (even when they have the metaphorical curved saber at your throat). Recent generations of Swedes have been brought up to be very docile and passive, even as Swedish citizens are being kicked out in the streets to provide housing for Muslims. Mind you, these are the same filth that complain or riot, with an unbelievable sense of entitlement, because they are not getting precisely the type of free ride that they feel they deserve, showing just how ungrateful these animals really are. At best, most immigrants will become wards of the state, just another collective burden for the brow-beaten Swedes to support. They are not required to learn the language or to otherwise adapt to the culture of their adopted homeland. Even after Muslim terrorist attacks, the government's primary concern was not increasing security or looking after their own people, rather they were worried about a potential rise in "Islamophobia". Political Correctness has a deadly stranglehold on this land. Despite the attacks, riots, rapes, murders and other crimes, most Swedes would rather be killed than to possibly offend anyone. Even the police have largely given up, releasing reports outlining more than fifty "no-go zones" that have basically been ceded to immigrant criminal gangs. They have further demonstrated their spinelessness by announcing that they will be focused on "cultural sensitivity" and “greater understanding of the intercultural perspective.” Meanwhile, Jew-led organizations work to separate the concept "Swedishness from being white". The once proud land of the Vikings is turning into a multicultural hell thanks to their suicidal liberalism. 

Of course, this is not to single out Sweden as the worst, yet it is the country that I am most familiar with, having lived there on and off for several years. There are many reports that are just as disturbing, such as the one politician in Norway whose answer to the growing rape problem simply advised Norwegian women to "adapt the new multicultural society" around them and to try to not provoke the poor dumb animals. This is all utterly disgusting. There is no forced immigration of white/European people into African or Asian countries. They are allowed to have their homelands, yet we are not allowed to have one of our own, safe from all of the misery and crime and death and lowered standards of living that come with the filthy outlanders. There is a process of genocide being carried out against our people and no one is standing up and speaking out about it. Worst of all, due to the holohoax and all of the misplaced guilt that European nations carry as a result of WWII, one is not allowed to say or do anything about it. Yet Jews, such as Noel Ignatiev, can openly call for the destruction of the white race and even told his students on his final day as a college professor that, “if you are a white male, you don't deserve to live. You are a cancer, you're a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He's good for nothing. Eventually white women can breed out, but my feeling is that if you are a white male, you should kill yourself now". The Jewish position is very clear. Unfortunately, much of the world has been brainwashed into thinking that the death of the white/European race is a good thing. People cry out against the Chinese genocide of Tibetans and yet they either ignore what is happening to our kind or they simply think that we are getting what we "deserve". Almost from birth, we are beaten over the head with how evil and oppressive we have been and how we should strive for diversity and equality and that multiculturalism is progressive and more harmonious. These are obvious lies, and it is becoming more and more clear to the general public. Strange how only whites/Europeans are suffering from this genocide denial; just a quick look through internet forums and comment areas will show precisely what other races think of the idea of white extinction. They are all for it, cheering for our eventual demise. Somehow, while we are not allowed to have the slightest concern for our own fate, without being called "evil racist Nazi scum", Jews and blacks and Muslims can openly rejoice at the thought of our passing and no one bats an eyelash. Ask yourself why this "melting pot" agenda is only for white/European countries and not for Japan or India or Iran or Somalia. If the indigenous populations of any of those countries were being forced to become a minority in their own lands, people would be outraged and screaming "genocide". Yet the eradication of our race is either ignored or treated as a positive thing. No one is going to save us. We must wake up and fight for our own survival. But so many choose to remain asleep.

It is our curse to have been born into this age of decay. We have no true homelands, and we will have to sit by and watch as the last vestiges of what once was crumbles before our very eyes. We will still exist, for a time, lonely wanderers, remnants of a once-great race that shall now soon perish...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Born into Arda Marred (June 2014)

The world has been plunged into darkness. The Black Foe of the World long ago destroyed the light. There are a few of us that carry some memory of the way that things were, in our blood or spirit. However, there are many that were born into this darkness and have accepted it as the norm. In a way, they are corrupted by it, much like Tolkien's Orcs. This realm has been shaped by the forces of darkness, for those same forces. Those of us who are more like remnants of Elves or noble Men do not belong to this damned age. We struggle to survive in a world where everything is so wrong and goes against our very nature. We often find ourselves at odds with every aspect of this existence, simply because this is not our world. The Dark Lord triumphed ages ago. 

Nearly everything in this world has been corrupted. The evil and vile servants of darkness have made it all theirs. Everything is a lie. The masses are either empty vessels merely animated by the will of the Dark Lord to do his bidding, or weak-minded filth that abandoned any concept of "right" in order to get by a little easier. All of the rules have been bent and twisted to favour the false and dishonourable. Things that we see as right and appropriate are now looked down upon and treated as wrong. All previous morals have been reversed, even if those in control still pay lip-service to certain ideas. That is the way of the world, to say one thing and to do another. Only the lying and cheating scum manage to improve their lot in this hell. Yet, for some of us, this is unacceptable. 

Many may be confused and have little idea how to proceed amidst such chaos. Which path should one follow? To uphold some sense of decency and to do what feels right to them, or to follow the herd and to break whatever rules necessary to get another inch or two ahead. At what point does one completely compromise their sense of right and wrong when it has become clear that seemingly no one else is playing by the rules? There is no possibility of changing things within the system, for the system is corrupt and designed by those very forces that oppress and manipulate us. The only choice then is to bring it down, to accelerate its decay and to destroy it utterly. Everything is crumbling, and even the rat-like masses can sense it, and they scurry about and cut a few more corners and stab one another in the back a bit more often, trying to get a better position for themselves before it comes. Is it more noble then to adhere to one's own sense of morality and justice, whether or not it comes into conflict with what we are told and no matter how much it works against us? Or do we give in, join their ranks and let go of our principles just to forgo the pointless struggle against that which we cannot hope to defeat and can only await its demise? Perhaps, it is better to go down fighting and remaining true to oneself, than to bend the knee and to sell out, in an effort to reach for the possibility of an easier existence within the world of Orcs. While it may be difficult to remain honourable in a dishonourable world, deep down those few of us know that this world is not for us anyway.

Friday, May 30, 2014

On Heeding the Call of the Blood (May 2014)

The immigration systems in many European countries are completely backward. Time and again, I have seen the results of this, firsthand. "Poor refugees" from Africa and the Middle East are welcomed in with open arms, given all the help that they need and rewarded for failing to make a life in their own lands by receiving an instant life where they don't belong. On the other hand, actual citizens of these countries are treated like outsiders, in some cases, and suffer neglect at every turn. It is much the same in the United States, where immigrants are encouraged to come and start up businesses and to study for free or to receive government assistance. Meanwhile, their own people starve in the streets. 

Ever since the end of WWII, it seems that governments of white/European nations have actively undermined the security and survival of their own people. They prefer to give aid to other countries before straightening their own houses, so to speak. They not only allow, but welcome, the lowliest of immigrants (rarely are the highly educated and well-mannered of each country the ones to go pouring through the gates into Europe and the US). They arrive and become a drain on the social welfare system and also end up being responsible for many crimes, such as rape. Not long ago, it was reported that one in four girls in Sweden will be raped in her lifetime, and the primary criminals are non-Swedes. Looking up crime statistics in the US shows that non-whites make up a small percentage of the population, yet a large percentage of the crimes are attributed to them. Yet our governments do nothing to protect us, rather they actively worsen the situation. In particular, European nations seem afraid to speak out against this and to do something about it, as the Nazi ghost still hangs over all of us of pale complexion. If we raise a hand to defend ourselves and our lands, we are instantly demonized. It appears that our entire race should simply cower in the corner and die quietly. 

As for the United States, it is mostly a giant toilet anyway and we need not care much for whatever fate befalls these cursed shores. However, the countries of Europe should do something to put a stop to the silent invasion that is eroding it from within and, instead, accept anyone from across the ocean with European ancestry and a desire to return home. I should not have to go through tons of red tape and bureaucratic nonsense to get residency within Europe. It has been less than a century since my forebears made the mistake of traveling over the western sea. My white skin is enough of an indicator of where I belong and we should all be given the opportunity to heed the call of our blood and to return to our ancestral homelands. The 90-day limit for Schengen area countries and the need for various permits to grant someone the right to stay are all a slap in the face to anyone of European ancestry. The fact that I have to sit quietly as someone from Iran tells me that I don't have the proper paperwork to remain in Europe, while they somehow have more right to do so than I, is infuriating. Each time, I end up having to return to an alien land where I do not belong, in a holding pattern for at least three months, waiting to be "allowed" back in by people who prefer to welcome in criminals from Africa ahead of educated, civil descendants of Europe.

Each race has a right to its own homeland. Europe is ours. I, and those like me, have more right to return home than these outsiders that abuse the system and often make the cities unsafe for actual citizens that belong there. The nations of Europe need to grow a backbone and to close the doors to these outlanders and to open them up to those of us that desire to go home, having had enough of living in the wastelands beyond the sea. We should not be condemned to suffer in this wretched "melting pot" of emptiness, surrounded by brain-dead, Judeo-Christian imbeciles, loosened jungle savages and illiterate white trash. Let them have their American nightmare. We wish to heed the call of our blood and to permanently return to Europe, where we rightfully belong.

On Living with Pain (May 2014)

Pain is an ever-present part of existence. Some experience it from time to time, only on occasion, while others of us suffer with it at every moment. When severe, it limits the things that we can do, whether they be for pleasure or survival itself. Intense pain can hinder us from working in order to make a living, thus depriving us of the ability to take care of ourselves. As well, such physical agony can destroy us mentally. All the while, ruining our relationships with others as a nasty byproduct. Others may feel sympathetic, at times, but they never truly understand unless they experience it themselves. (If a person falls down, everyone gets worried, but when he remains there for a long time, they get used to it, or even bothered.)

Life was extremely difficult for me, from the very beginning, but since accumulating various injuries, it has become nearly unbearable and impossible to maintain any sense of what others would consider normal. While working on my degree, I took a fair number of mindless physical labour jobs, since nothing else was available. Each of these consisted of a good amount of heavy lifting and constant movement and intense effort, usually anywhere from ten to fifteen hours a night and, often, for stretches of two weeks at a time with no days off. whenever injuries did occur, the shady management (illegally) avoided following procedures that would have allowed me to seek medical treatment immediately. Instead, I continued working through the injuries, unaware of my rights. In addition to the harsh labour, I was also involved in a series of car accidents that increased in severity with each one (seemingly, I had a target on my back). By the end of 2008, I was no longer able to even attempt working. My back was a wreck, my knee was in such pain that even walking for a short while caused me to limp, and the nerve pains in my arms left me unable to grasp objects much of the time. The excessive pain even kept me from being able to sleep for more than an hour or so at a time. The result of all of this meant that I no longer had a home, since I was unable to work and thus considered useless. (Equally worthless was the degree that I'd earned, in medieval European history). The economic recession did nothing to help matters, either. 

In the years since this all reached its peak, I have suffered endlessly. Being unable to climb out of this hole all on my own, I have been forced to give the benefit of the doubt and trust those that have come along and promised to at least throw down a rope so that I could pull myself out. At some point or another, everyone needs help. Yet, when it became apparent that I was in need of assistance, no one was there for me. "Friends" disappeared and new acquaintances only lied and took advantage of me, for one sick reason or another. After finally seeking government assistance, I was rejected for being the wrong colour, initially. After struggling for quite some time, I was finally thrown a few scraps in the form of barely enough money to keep fuel in my car and a bit of food in my stomach, and health care that was so lousy only the worst doctors accepted it. Of course, repairing my many injuries was not worth their time, so I remained in pain. Those that genuinely did try to become close with me were either tired out from the strain of being around someone in total and complete misery, or just became desensitized to it after a while, as if constant suffering was somehow normal for me. I had only one friend that was there for me during recent years, one who was cursed with a very similar existence and knew all too well what a life of pain was like, but he passed away a little over one year ago. 

The pain has even affected me creatively, as I am often unable to write much at all. This has had a drastic effect on the content of this website, as well as a few attempts to pursue writing as a career. As well, the injuries have left me unable to pick up instruments anymore, so I am forced to rely on others to record the music for my various bands and projects, only being able to perform vocals. Naturally, this means that long periods of time pass where I would have written and recorded the music in no time, were I able to. 

After some years, it became possible to get a bit of medical coverage and to begin taking a medication that was able to make some of the nerve pain more bearable, at least. However, this medication is very expensive and the various times that the soulless government has randomly cut me off, with no reason given, I have either had to struggle to find a way to keep up with the meds or ended up extremely sick for lengthy periods of time, with massive dizziness and nausea, electric shocks in my head and up and down my arms, increased thoughts of suicide, hysterical mood swings that came with no warning and almost no sleep at all. It was pure hell, to say the least. 

As for my mental state, anyone with severe depression knows how difficult the simplest of things can be, already. Add multiple injuries on top of it, and life can become nearly impossible. There have been times where I was in such pain that I had to be physically helped up in the mornings and dragged to the bathroom, for example. This takes its toll on the one helping, but even moreso for the person that has been reduced to such a nothing that he cannot even manage to get himself up out of bed without assistance. In this modern age, a man can hardly be a man anymore as it is, due to the various laws and customs and just the overall shift in culture that has taken place in the past twenty years or so. But when you are physically unable to do things that you should be capable of, it is really damaging to the psyche. Imagine being a man, going to pick up some groceries with your girlfriend, and then having to let her carry the heavier bags despite her being half your size, because it would cause you a lot of extra pain to do so. Or trying to find a somewhat less-painful position to sit in and then having to ask for someone to prepare your food (when there is any to begin with) because it is too tiring to manage and moving would be too agonizing. This is entirely depressive for a man to have to go through, unable to even feel like a real man anymore. 

Depression, alone, makes it hard to manage even simple things. Injuries and endless pain make those activities more difficult than some might imagine. Then the circle continues, as this deepens the depression and makes the person suffering from such pain feel absolutely worthless in every possible way. To go from trying to remain honourable in a dishonourable world, striving to improve myself and crippling myself to pay for an education and then end up living in my car for stretches of time, occasionally having to steal food to survive and all for nothing, as the immense pain and misery never go away... I have no idea why I am not yet dead. Even more discouraging is the fact that I know there are plenty of people out there that have it just the same or even far worse. So, I know that there is no help coming, just like there is none for most of them. Life is not a Disney movie. People have existed for no reason, suffered horribly and died alone for thousands of years. I am neither the first nor the last. 

Perhaps, this is all pointless. There is no solution for my situation. I am on my own and doomed to a fate that I cannot escape. However, if you are close to a person that is struggling against similar circumstances, make an effort to be more understanding and sympathetic. Stop scrolling through pointless things on your smartphones for a little while and be considerate of those in your life. Never assume that their condition is "normal" just because it has persisted for a long time. If you actually care, do what you can to make their lives better, not worse, and be glad that you get to live your life without immense debilitating pain.